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trip with glamping accommodation

in the Altai Mountains

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the most famous sights of Altai

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Travel route along the Chuysky tract

Journey in Numbers

by car
along the Chuysky tract
by a UAZ SUV
rafting on the Katun river
by plane
Let L-410

Places and Experiences

Guides on a Journey along the Chuysky tract

In the Journey along the Chuisky tract, in addition to the guide, your group will have a Guide - a person who will open Altai for you through the prism of his own unique knowledge and experience.

You will learn that Altai is more than the nature of fabulous beauty. This is a story connected with the history of the whole world. This is the culture of an ancient people, unique on the one hand, and intersecting with different world cultures on the other. These are adventures and new discoveries that can only happen in the company of people who are passionate and involved in a common cause.

Day 1. Arrival in Gorno-Altaisk

After meeting at the Gorno-Altaisk airport, you will travel along the Chuisky Tract, one of the most beautiful roads in Russia. The historic Chuisky Tract is part of the modern road from Biysk to the border with Mongolia, which is about 630 km long.

Along the Chuisky Tract, there are many famous natural and historical places of interest in Altai. Your first stop will be at the Arzhan-Suu spring, where you will taste the healing water. Then you will pass the Seminsky (1717 m) and Chike-Taman (1295 m) passes and stop at a picturesque place of confluence of the Katun and Chuya rivers. You will visit the ancient sanctuary of Kalbak-Tash and touch the Scythian reindeer stones – massive hewn stone slabs, which are 3000 years old.

Then you will continue your journey along the Chuisky Route and drive across the Kurai Steppe to a modern eco-hotel, where you will stay for the next few days. Accommodation in cozy domed houses with panoramic views of snow-covered peaks of the North-Chuysky Range awaiting you here. In the evening you will have dinner and rest.

Stage length: 380 km by van, 15 km by UAZ, 3 km on foot.

Day 2. Kurai Steppe

After breakfast, you will be trekking through the picturesque Kurai steppe. From the top of the hills, you will see the relief resembling giant ripples – these are the traces of the waves of ancient glacial lakes. Walking along the steppe, you will come to the shepherds' camps, where herds of Altai horses and sheep graze and admire the panorama of the peaks of the North-Chuysky ridge.

For lunch, you will return to the glamping. In the evening you will sit by the fire on the bank of the mountain river and have dinner under the bright starry sky.

Stage length: 10 km on foot.

Day 3. Aktru Glaciers

Today you will have an opportunity to find out what the real Altaic off-road is. You will ride a cross-country vehicle up the Aktru valley. The first 10 km you will drive through the taiga, gradually gaining altitude. After that, you will go on a walking tour to Maly (Rus. for "Little") Aktru and Bolshoy (Rus. for "Big") Aktru glaciers. You can see a picturesque waterfall and the remnants of moraines from ancient glaciers, the age of which counts tens of thousands of years. You will have a picnic by the glacier overlooking the majestic mountains, then go back down and return to the glamping on all-terrain vehicles.

If you do not want to go up to the glacier, you will have lunch at Aktru base and then take a walk around the area. Afterward, both groups will get together and head back to the hotel.

Stage length: 25 km by UAZ, 15 km on foot.

Day 4. The Altai Mars

This day you will continue your journey along the Chuysky Tract toward Mongolia. Desert landscapes, Hunnu and Turkic burial mounds, a healing spring in Chagan-Uzun, and the highland Chui steppe, with the colorful Kyzyl-Chin Mountain rising up in its heart, await you.

Locals call this place "the Altai Mars". Landscapes of the Kyzyl-Chin river valley are painted in different shades of red, from bright orange to dark brown. Walking along these fantastic canyons, you will admire the extraordinary mountain landscapes of the South Chuya Mountain Range and look into the abandoned adit. You will touch the traces of ancient ocean Tethys and learn about the history of Altai mountains formation.

For the lunch, you will visit the yurt complex, and for dinner return to the glamping.

Stage length: 240 km by UAZ, 10 km on foot.

Day 5. Karakabak Lakes and Horseback Riding

After breakfast, you will ride on cross-country vehicles through the Kurai steppe along the picturesque lakes Jangyskyol and Karakyol. After reaching the gorge of the turbulent Maashay river you will get on horses and ride to the high-mountainous Karakabak lakes.

Two clear bright turquoise lakes are situated at the foot of majestic peaks and glaciers at the height of 2300 m above sea level. You will have a picnic on the shore of one of them, and before your return trip, you will walk to the waterfall connecting the two lakes.

In the evening you will return to the glamping, have dinner and rest.

Stage length: 2 hours by UAZ, 2 hours on horseback, 10 km on foot.

Day 6. Return Trip to Gorno-Altaisk

In the morning, you will pack your bags, have breakfast, and take a minibus to travel along the Chuysky Tract to the Mongolian border.

You will be brought to the small airport, located at the foot of the Yuzhno-Chuisky Range, from where you will take a plane back to Gorno-Altaisk. From the window, you can see the highest mountain in Siberia – Belukha, and the majestic panorama of the Russian, Mongolian, Chinese, and Kazakh Altai Mountains.
After arriving in Gorno-Altaisk, you will visit the National Museum. You can see the artifacts of the Scythians, Hunnu, and Turk times, and one of the main exhibits of the museum – the mummy of "the Altai princess" found on the Ukok plateau. By the evening you will arrive at the tourist base on the shore of the Katun river, have dinner and rest.

Stage length: 15 km by UAZ, 70 km by minibus, 1 hour by plane.
Note: if there are no tickets for the Kosh-Agach – Gorno-Altaisk flight, you will go to Gorno-Altaisk by a minibus that day.

Days 7-8. Rafting on Katun and

an Ethnic Program. Return Home

Today in the first half of the day rafting on the Katun, the main river of Altai, awaits you. You will pass easy rapids, visit the water grotto of Tavda caves and swim in Kamyshinsky waterfall. By lunchtime, you will come back to the tourist base.

In the afternoon you will have free time: you can have a rest on the territory of the base, steamed in the sauna, and ride bicycles on the outskirts. In the evening there will be an ethnic program, where you can listen to the throat singing of the narrator Kaicha. Dinner will take place in the restaurant of the base with a view over the Katun river.

Stage length: 30 km by a minibus, 1 km on foot, 2 hours of rafting.

The next day in the morning after breakfast, you will be taken to the airport in Gorno-Altaisk, from where you will depart home.

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22-29 May 2022
Trips in June, July, August, September 2022
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What's included in the price:
- Double accommodation in eco-hotels
- Healthy three meals a day
- All transfers by minibus and all-terrain vehicles along the route
- Domestic flight Kosh-Agach - Gorno-Altaisk
- horse riding
- Alloy
- Excursion program
- Escort by a guide
- Medical insurance

Extra Charge:
- Flight to Gorno-Altaisk and back
- Personal shopping and souvenirs

We may change accommodation to a similar level of comfort or upgrade without further notice. If due to weather or other conditions on the 6th day of the program the domestic flight Kosh-Agach - Gorno-Altaisk is canceled, the transfer will be made by car along the Chuisky tract.


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